Yep, RPG Maker MV is coming west on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch


::insert Yes signs here::

The cat is out of the bag. It was kind of out of it a month ago when Amazon Mexico leaked the existence of it on PS4 and Switch, but now we know for sure by way of an official announcement from NIS at Anime Expo. Xbox One is in too.

Yes, RPG Maker MV is on the way to those two systems by way of a partnership with Kadokawa Corporation. It’ll also arrive with a free player app so “users can play games created by others.” As always, the RPG Maker series eliminates the need to code to create games, a huge roadblock for many would-be talented game designers. NIS teases fantasy, high school, and occult setups among other open-ended storylines.

As someone who used to design their own games on marble composition notebooks and fiddled around with the original RPG Maker and Fighter Maker, this definitely speaks to me, especially if I can take the Switch on the go and tweak a creation whenever inspiration strikes.