Yes, the new Zelda is the only thing Nintendo has planned for E3



With multiple publishers pulling out of the E3 show floor proper and holding their own events, it makes sense that Nintendo would ramp down even more than it has in recent years. But this ramp is basically a nub at this point.

Nintendo has re-iterated that yes, the new Zeldais basically the only thing it’s showing at E3, even going so far as to stream it all day, which you can watch hereon June 14 at 9AM PT. The publisher promises this is the “world’s first in-depth look at the game,” and states that Zeldais its only playable title at E3. There’s also a contest to attend the event if you’re interested.

And uh. That’s….about it. Nintendo is reallybanking on Zeldaand the NX, both of which won’t launch until 2017.