Yo-Kai Watch 4 pulls a reverse Back to the Future with a parent traveling through time to help their daughter


You know that new sound you’re looking for?

Yo-Kai Watch has fizzled a bit in recent years, and a lot of that is probably due to the fact that the 3DS isn’t very big outside of Japan at the moment. That could all change as the series moves to the Switch: though for now it’s only confirmed for Japan.

In a complete tonal shift Yo-Kai Watch 4moves to the future, focusing on the daughter of Nate, the original hero of the series and Shin, an orphan that was featured in the latest Yo-Kai Watchfilm (though Nate will get his own playable universe as well). Time traveling, a staple of the franchise, will be used to bring them together.

You can get a glimpse into the Kingdom Hearts-esque universe trotting doors and some actual gameplay below now that the TGS trailer is out in the wild.Yo-Kai Watch 4will launch in the east in spring of 2019. Originally it was slated for 2018, but perhaps the framerate issues you can clearly see in the below trailer were to blame.