You can earn free stuff during the Naruto x Fortnite event


Link your account with a site

The Naruto x Fortnite event is underway, and there’s quite a bit of stuff to sift through. But one thing that might fly right over a lot of heads is the “Nindo” challenges, which is run on a completely separate site, and unlocks the Kurama bundle (a glider and loading screen), which normally goes for 1,200 V-Bucks (roughly $10). Here’s how it works.

First, link your Epic Games account to the promotional site. So each day the Naruto x Fortnite event will count down five different challenges. The first one is done, but you still have time for the rest. Today’s challenge is “deal damage to players,” which takes hardly any thought at all (yesterday it was score eliminations). Just note that you need to play solo, duos, trios, or squads for it to count toward the challenge.

The timer resets at roughly midnight, eastern, and will cycle through new challenges each day. If you link up and participate, you’ll unlock free emoticons for Naruto (yesterday), Sakura (today), Sasuke (tomorrow), and Kakashi (the day after). On the following day (Day 5), if you earn two points you’ll unlock all of the emoticons you haven’t earned yet (it’s kind of like a catch-up day).

But the real crown jewel is unlocked through hitting the challenge milestone in one total day. On day one, it was to earn 35 eliminations that day (not just the minimum). Today, it’s “deal 100 damage to opponents” to earn one point, with a milestone of 100 points. Here’s the main reward that you’re gunning for, which will unlock if you hit a milestone:

Naruto x Fortnite 2

It’s the Kurama Glider and Shinobi Teamwork Loading screen bundle: which is 1,200 V-Bucks on the item shop. Note that if you already bought it, you should be getting an in-game refund. The season is set to end pretty soon on December 5, so this Naruto stuff is one of the capstones.