You can grab a free Armour Sphere pack in Monster Hunter: World right now


Event Quest Schedule also updated

Seems like everywhere you turn these days you just come face-to-face with another Monster Hunter article. Who knew the franchise would ever blow up like this? Well, the fans probably did, they’ve been wishing it for ages, but not Capcom, that’s fer true.

Anyway, if you log into the multi-million selling Monster Hunter: World from today, you can bag yourself a free item pack containing a selection of Armour Spheres. The gift is in celebration of the Hiroshima qualifiers of the Monster Hunter Championship and is available to claim until May 18.

The game’s Event Quest Schedule has also been updated. Alongside the Street Fighter crossover quests, which are still ongoing, there are plenty of opportunities for you guys and gals to get out there and get your hunt on for various rewards. You can check the schedule out right here.

Monster Hunter: World is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.