You can grab a free Pokemon Sword and Shield shiny Amoonguss for a few more hours



This past weekend over in South Korea The Pokemon Company held a Trainer’s Cup event. PlayerBaik Jongyoon prevailed and made it into the top four: allowing him to preserve one of his Pokemon (and its moves) in the game.

That creature isAmoonguss, which Game Freak has made shiny to immortalize in Pokemon Swordand Shield. To grab it, you just head to the code entry page under the Mystery Gift menu, and enter: “TRA1NERSCUP.” It’s level 50 and comes with the moves rage powder, protect, spore and clear smog.

Although this promo is Korean, anyone can redeem it. Just now that you have until 10:59AM ET this morning to do so. Yep, it’s a 24 hour givaway essentially, so get on it!

Pokemon Korea [Facebook via Pocket Monsters]