You can (kinda) bring back the old Steam library list view


It’s now known as ‘Small Mode’

How are you getting along with the new and (arguably improved) Steam library layout?

It’s all so very… large. And I feel like even if the library refresh was an across-the-board improvement over the original design I think the new style has pros and cons there’s still the matter of change. Change is hard! If given the choice, we, as humans, would rather not adjust to new things.

If you long for the old layout, there’s still one remnant you can cling to: the classic list view.

You can revert to the old Steam library list by clicking "View" and then "Small Mode."

Just head on up to the top of Steam, mouse over to “View,” then click “Small Mode.” That’ll give you a familiar list of games with the classic font and text size that’s been seared into our brains over the years. To swap back, you can simply click on “Large Mode” to bring up the 2019 library look.

It’s not a one-to-one replacement, but it’s something!

[Via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]