You can make Planet Zoo's Sandbox Mode stress-free


By turning off aging, predation, and power consumption

Money can’t buy everything – not even in Planet Zoo‘s Sandbox Mode.

There are a lot of nitty-gritty management details to juggle in the game, and although you can bail yourself out to some extent with unlimited money and Conservation Credits, some Sandbox Mode players have been wanting a more care-free experience. That’s where update 1.0.3 comes into play.

Frontier Developments added a bunch of toggles that are accessible from the Settings menu.


  • Disable animal aging and birth
  • Disable animal death
  • Disable animal fights
  • Disable animal illness
  • Disable death through aging
  • Disable animal welfare
  • Disable animal predation and fear


  • Limit number of guests (you can go as low as 500 or as high as 10,000)
  • Maximize guest happiness and hold it there
  • Maximize guest energy and hold it there
  • Maximize guest education
  • Stops guests from becoming hungry
  • Stop guests from becoming thirsty
  • Stop guests from needing the toilet


  • Disable staff choosing to quit
  • Disable staff happiness degradation
  • Disable staff energy degradation
  • Disable barrier dilapidation
  • Power everything
  • Keep water clean

And with that, Sandbox Mode now lives up to its name.

I especially like the idea of having a huge exhibit with species that wouldn’t normally get along.

This week’s Planet Zoo patch also includes “over 400 updates and fixes.” Some are funny (“Balanced exhibit animal defecation rates”), some were sorely needed (“Fixed crash on front-end”), and some are things I didn’t even know I wanted (“Added option to hide blueprints in browser categories”).

Planet Zoo – Update 1.0.3 [Steam]