You can now buy Spider-Man Remastered separately on PS5


What a confusing rollout

Spider-Man Remastered has been one of the most confusing remaster rollouts in recent memory.

First, Sony muddled its messaging (along with whatMiles Moraleswas), not making it clear whether or not a remaster was coming alongside of Miles Morales. Then, it wasn’t getting save exports…until it did. Now, the remaster has suddenly appeared as a full separate download on the PSN: a month after launch. Go figure!

Here it is! For $39.99, you can get the remaster on its own, with its enhanced visuals/load times, and adaptive trigger/haptic feedback controls. Or, you can still opt for the Ultimate Edition of Miles Morales for $69.99, which comes with the remaster as-is. Note that Milesis $49.99 as a standalone download.

Both are worth playing on their own merits, and are interconnected. Remasteredoffers a lead-in to Miles Morales‘ story and a bit of background; but you wouldn’t be completely lost if you just head into the second release.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered [PSN]