You can now order those Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary pins from Nintendo


Assuming you did the required missions, the server doesn’t time out, and you’re willing to cover a shipping fee

I can’t convince my brain that I don’t need those limited-edition Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary pins, and so here I am, fighting to get my order accepted now that I’ve gone through the My Nintendo steps needed to claim these things. Are there enough to go around? We’ll find out soon enough.

To get yours – or see what the rest of us are up to out of sheer morbid curiosity – you can head to this My Nintendo page, click “claim reward” (if you’re eligible), copy your user-specific promo code, bounce over to this store page, add the pins to your cart, and enter your code to continue the checkout.

There’s a limit of one pin set per account, they’re available while supplies last (a phrase that has taken on new meaning in 2020), and shipping is $5. If you’re still in, the pins will ship in “late October.”

I like how the pin for SMB2 is so full of rage. Are you enjoying 3D All-Stars? Was it worth it?