You have until November 22 to celebrate World of Warcraft's 16th anniversary


I can’t believe I’ve played all 16 years

Ever since I created my Orc Warlock 16 years ago, I’ve been playing World of Warcraft annually. That sounds pretty crazy out loud now that I think about it.

Nearly two decades of playing the game same: a sentiment that many have eye-rolled over the years as they waxed poetic about the “good days” of WoWand how they no longer play it (or in the case of several people, have gotten out of games entirely). People change, and so has World of Warcraft.

Blizzard is cashing in on that nostalgia, as they do every year, with a 16th anniversary celebration in-game that lasts until November 22. Check your Azeroth mailbox for a gift package, which includes: 200 Timewarped Badges, an experience and reputation boost item (16% for one hour) and a “Letter from the Timewalkers” questline item. There’s also an event that involves WoWtrivia if you head to Historian Llore in Stormwind or Historian Ju’pa in Orgrimmar.

Oh, plus “level 30 and above” characters can fight Lord Kazzak, Azuregos and “one of the four Dragons of Nightmare” each day for extra loot and 50 Timewarped Badges. You may recall the former name from one of the first WoWviral videos where he was kited to Stormwind. Ah, back when YouTube videos were harmless and in glorious 240p.

Finally, Alterac Valley has been added as a “throwback battleground” (PVP) in the form of Korrak’s Revenge. I can’t wait to log back in and mess around with all this stuff before the imminent release of the expansion.

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