You should import this borderline useless Kirby head cushion


He’ll swallow your soul

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to be swallowed up by Nintendo’s adorable platforming pal, Kirby? Well, apparently its very relaxing, if these images are anything to by. These models are demonstrating the therapeutic benefits of a new Kirby head cushion, readying for release in Japan.

The “Suck it All Up, Kirby” set features a cushion and… head cave?.. based on the upcoming savior of the Nintendo universe. You can lie down after a hard day’s work, or eating, and rest your bonce on the pink deity’s soft tongue, blissfully drifting off to sleep as he devours you.

Let’s face it, it’s pretty much useless. You couldn’t use it in bed, you’d have to be lying flat on the floor, and you can’t comfortably toss and turn during those waking nightmares we all suffer from, right? I won’t deny, however, that it would make for a fun room decoration, or even a fun pet bed, if you didn’t mind potentially traumatizing your kitten.

The “Suck it All Up, Kirby” set launches in Japan in May 2019, at a cost of ¥9,500, or $80 USD.