You'd think Driveclub would want to stay away from the word 'buggy'


It’s more tolerable in this context, though

Driveclubwill most likely be remembered for its promised, yet non-existent free PlayStation Plus version. The primary reason this never came to fruition is because Evolution Studios had to spend a significant amount of time post-launch fixing bugs and resolving server issues. To say that Driveclub‘s release went less than smooth would be a massive understatement.

So, it’d be understandable if Evolution and Sony wanted nothing to do with the term “buggy.” However, that’s exactly what players are getting today — a new racing buggy for Driveclub. According to the video description, it’ll be available in players’ garages after downloading it for free in the “add-ons” section.

It hardly qualifies as an April Fools’ gag, but it’s a nice surprise and a change of pace from souped-up cars. The trailer makes these little mayhem machines look neat to bounce and slide around in. And, now players can cut some corners of their own.