You've got the hooch: Red Dead Online will make a moonshiner out of you


You’ve got the only sweetest thing in the world

The next job in Red Dead Onlineis a little entrepreneurial and a little criminal. It’s high spirits and high ABV. It’s bootlegging for the barflies. The tub ain’t for bathing in anymore.

Come December 13, Red Dead Onlineis bringing moonshining to the frontier. This new specialist role will have you peddling homemade mountain dew from the safety of a speakeasy. Your illicit slice of americana, if successful enough, might eventually lead to a dance floor for line-dancing and two-stepping.

There will be blood, though. Maggie Fike is your moonshining mentor, and she has some old grudges that need to be addressed before you can get down to distillin’ and drinkin’. New campaign missions await the vengeful before Maggie teaches you the tricks of the trade. It’s a happy coincidence that you smash all the other rackets and now you’ve got the only hooch in town.

Even though you have to wait until next week to tinker with that craft brewing kit, you can become a more well-rounded person today. The weekly Red Dead Onlinebonuses focus largely on experience, as all players get a 40% XP boost in free roam events, free roam missions, bounty missions, trader resupply missions, land of opportunity missions, showdown mode, and races. Also, there’s no better time like the present to start a posse; posse leaders get a free treasure map and the cost of setting up a permanent posse is halved for the week.

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