Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim arrives on PC April 28


XSEED delivers enhanced Nihon Falcom RPG later this month

Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtimis coming to Windows PC on April 28, XSEED announced today.

The role-playing game comes from Nihon Falcom, the studio also known for The Legend of Heroes and the recently localized Brandish: The Dark Revenant. It was originally released on PC in 2003, but wouldn’t officially arrive on western shores until 2005 with the PlayStation 2 version.

Konami handled the initial localization and subsequent PSP release, but the western publisher has obviously changed since then. XSEED has been the western purveyor of Nihon Falcom games for a number of years now, and decided to re-translate the game due to some tonal inconsistencies between Konami’s adaptation and XSEED’s growing catalogue of Ys localizations.

The new script isn’t the only difference between the upcoming PC release and the versions you may already have at home. It now includes widescreen and controller support, an ability to warp between checkpoints, plus a more difficult“Catastrophe Mode” where healing items can’t be purchased or stored and are instead used automatically upon pickup.

It will be available for $19.99/€17,99/£13.99 via Steam,the Humble Store, and GOG.com.