This is one of the biggest Zelda: Breath of the Wild Guardian beat downs I've seen


Stop the fight, it’s over

Although we’ve seen plenty of Zelda: Breath of the Wild style videos, this particular clip from Redditor DuplexLink really caught my eye because of how badly this Zelda Guardian is bested. Simply titled “I remember when I was scared of guardians…pathetic,” it gets the point across.

There’s a lot going on here, most notably the use of basically every Champion power, as well as some quick weapon swapping to give the beat down more variety. It pretty much combines all of the staples, including the Zelda Guardian flip, which is followed up by an aerial rave straight out of an anime fight scene. Naturally, at the end, there’s the slow explosion walk.

Remember when a Zelda Guardian seemed unstoppable?

You know what, most of us do remember when we were scared of Guardians! In fact the timing is serendipitous, as we just explored that collective memory last week. It’s so easy to recall venturing off the plateau and into Hyrule Field, getting laser-beamed to death for the first time by those relentless cursed machines.

Plus, it’s hilarious playing through Age of Calamity and cutting through them like butter on the battlefield (or playing as one!). Our perception of Guardians has changed over time, but the fact remains that they’re still incredibly memorable, and one of the most unique character designs to date for the series.