Zelda: Breath of the Wild has a playable Skyward Sword Earth Temple thanks to a modder


Breath of the Wild 2 is going to be off the chain

It’s time to talk about Skyward Sword again. Amid all of the unnecessary waggle (why do I need to shake the Wiimote to shimmy and swim, I still don’t get it), the hyperactive tutorials that actually continue through the final dungeon, and the excessive backtracking that eventually turns every zone into a slog, there’s a good Zeldagame buried under there: most notably, the structure built by the fun motion sword combat and succinct, killer dungeons.

Take the Earth Temple for example: found in Eldin Volcano, it’s a short and sweet little labyrinth, which makes itstransposition into Zelda: Breath of the Wild that much more natural. Thanks to modderkreny the aforementioned temple is now playable in Breath of the Wild, which you can check out in all its glory inkreny’s video below. Now there are concessions, as you’ll face off against an existing Fireblight Ganon clone instead of the unique Skyward Sword boss Scaldera, and the layout is a bit truncated, but it gets the fiery point across. The Earth Temple is no Ancient Cistern, but it’ll do!

It just goes to show you how fantastic Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2is going to be if they add proper dungeons into the mix. Heck, eliminate weapon durability while you’re at it and the two chief Breathcomplaints will be taken care of.

Earth Temple [Gamebanana] Thanks Jeff!