Here's a giant recap of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD for newcomers


Worth a watch while you wait

Like many Zelda games, Skyward Sword has diehard fans, and folks who wanted more. It’s only natural for an ambitious and popular series to have people who stand at both ends of the spectrum, but this video for Skyward Sword HD on Switch has me excited to play it all over again.

In short, this is a whopping four-and-a-half-minute overview video for Skyward Sword HD, in which Nintendo walks us through the setup and some of the core principles of the game. Namely, the premise of riding Loftwing and exploring different locales, and how the Joy-Con controls work (read: very similarly to the Wiimote waggle). At the very end we get a reminder of the game’s controversial amiibo functionality. It’s sort of a mashup of all of the videos before it, but it’s still nice to see in one place: especially if you were holding out on any info for it until now.

Note that the story spoilers are very light, and only cover near the beginning. Mechanically, it shows a few of the items you’ll pick up in dungeons, but only briefly. The best part of the video for me? Looking at these enhanced visuals on a grander scale. Everything just looks so much smoother in motion.

It’s going to be weird to see everyone’s reaction to Skyward Sword all over again, but I feel like without being forced into motion controls for simple tasks like shimmying on vines or rolling bombs; people are going to be a little more lenient.