16 years later, White Day is finally getting a true sequel


No, it’s not another Valentine’s Day made by chocolate companies

Days before the PlayStation 4 and PC version of theWhite Day: A Labyrinth Named School releases, a sequel has been announced to the cult classic Korean horror game. While the PS4 and PC remake versions are getting an exclusive post-game sequel story upon getting the best ending and “certain collectibles” on Hard difficulty, White Day 2: Swan Songis a brand new game set for release in 2018 on PlayStation 4.

A follow-up the original game,White Day: Swan Song,was first announced and shown as a VR titleback in 2016, but it did not have the “2” moniker. The same game has now been made playable with or without a VR headset. Descriptions of the previously announced White Day: Swan Songstate there are five female characters you can romance and multiple endings with each character.

Gameplay is similar to the first in avoiding enemies rather than attacking with weapons while solving puzzles and trying to escape with one of the girls. Despite the new title being White Day 2, the story of White Day: Swan Songtakes place six years prior to the original game. It is unclear if all the story elements have remained the same since the original announcement.