1996-style shooter Strafe looks like the start of something great


10 minutes of developer-commentated footage

I’ve greatly enjoyed the promotional work that’s gone into Strafe, also known as STRAFE®, also known as “the goriest shooter of 1996.” But beyond the head-exploding live-action throwback trailer, wonderful as that was (hehe), what’s the deal with this game? Let’s find out together.

Strafe, as demonstrated in this ten-minute video, looks fast and fun. I like how blood permanently sticks to floors and walls. I like those Doom-style lifts. I like that projectiles come at you just slowly enough that you can reasonably dodge them. And the plodding level-exit door? Perfecto.

I’ll be curious to see where Pixel Titans takes the game if and when Kickstarter funding is secured.

With sprite art so prevalent, it’s pleasing to see low-poly art pop up. I hope and expect that within the next few years, more creators will embrace 3D and I’ll be back to craving our current norm.