20 Double Fine Years is stuffed with art and interviews


Two decades of art and insight into Double Fine Productions

I kind of can’t believe Double Fine has been around for 20 years. Where were you when you first heard about Psychonauts? At this point, I’m not even sure – but maybe a slick art book will jog my memory.

In collaboration with Indie By Design, Double Fine Productions is coming out with 20 Double Fine Years, a history-recapping art book “with over 280 pages of commentary, concept art, and key visuals.”

New interviews were conducted with Tim Schafer, current and former staff members, and “many of the studio’s long term collaborators.” Game-wise, the book covers everything from Psychonauts and Brutal Legend to Iron Brigade and Costume Quest to the Day of the Tentacle and Full Throttle remasters.

The price is reasonable enough: $50 for the basic version, $65 for the Legend Edition with a cloth cover and gold-foil logo, and shipping is free the US and UK, so the bill won’t jump when you checkout.

20 Double Fine Years will be released in Q2 2021.