2K proudly announces that WWE 2K18 won't have microtransactions


Can you smell what 2K is shoveling?

2K Sports has made quite the name for itself this year with NBA 2K18’s ludicrous file size on Switch and abundance of microtransactions. One look at the in-game shop would have you mistake it for a particularly scummy mobile game, but its actually a full priced, retail endeavor. Is there no end to 2K’s madness? Apparently, that insanity won’t spill over into WWE.

According to a tweet from the official WWE 2K18 Twitter account (since when do games have their own individual accounts?), “There are no paid microtransactions in #WWE2K18.” While that is fine and dandy, what the hell are the loot boxes that the game features?

There are no paid microtransactions in #WWE2K18. Info on unlocking loot cases via in-game currency is here: https://t.co/ZmJQQJ7Bin. https://t.co/ZzF42lnUrM

— WWE 2K18 (@WWEgames) October 2, 2017

As you can see from the tweet, some form of loot box will be present in 2K18, but they won’t feature any microtransaction payment methods. You’ll have to resort to good old fashioned grinding to unlock stuff in this year’s WWE game, which I guess is somewhat better.

The wording on the official website goes:

“Along with upgrading your MyPlayer comes deeper customization. This year, you’ll be able to unlock hundreds of moves and Superstar parts to customize your MyPlayers as you see fit.

Unlocks can be earned through loot cases and progression in both MyCareer and Road to Glory. Most Superstar parts and moves are locked from the start. Once an item is unlocked, it is then purchasable with VC.

There are three levels of loot cases: Bronze, Silver and Gold. You have a higher chance of unlocking more rare items in Silver and Gold cases. You can purchase loot cases in MyPlayer, MyCareer and Road to Glory. You will also earn loot cases through progression in both MyCareer and Road To Glory.”

That doesn’t sound particularly engaging. With even Forza 7 featuring loot boxes, I’m really just baffled at how playing a game has become such a chore to supposed players. Was there ever a person that cried out, “I don’t have time to play this game, but lots of extra money”?

Since WWE 2K18 doesn’t give you the privilege of spending more, what is the whole point of the gambling scheme anyway? Why not just return to the classic style and let players unlock things with specific criteria? Who would ever think that engaging gameplay coupled with unlockable bonuses could be rewarding?

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