2K says that Borderlands 3 isn't coming to Switch, PEGI rating was an error


They already scrubbed it, but does it actually exist?

Borderlands 3 coming to Switch? Not so, says 2K!

The rumor started swirling earlier this week when Borderlands 3: Director’s Cut was rated by PEGI for every current platform (PC, PS4/PS5, Xbox One/Series X) and Switch. Wait! Maybe the community found a scoop! Evidently not: at least, allegedly.

While E3 2021 would be the perfect place for Gearbox and 2K to triumphantly announce that Borderlands 3is coming to Switch later in 2021 (prediction!), for now, they’re sticking to the story that it was a PEGI error. Gamespot writer Gabe Gurwin confirmed the news, noting that a 2K rep stated that a Switch edition is not in the cards. In fact, the offending Switch listing is actually removed as of the time of publication, and 2K says that it was an error from PEGI, not a deliberate submission.

Borderlands 3would probably work on Switch. I mean, it might come at some point, as 2K and Gearbox have shown a lot of interest in the platform these past few years. 2K goes where the money is, and after sniffing out a potential Wii U disaster, they’re basically going all-in with tons of re-release ports.

Also, how great is it that the PEGI icon for “in-game purchases” is a cartoon hand eagerly holding out a credit card?

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