$300 Bloodborne Hunter statue stands in a pool of blood (borne)


Three hundred dollars

What with Dark Souls 3 coming out early 2016 and us entering the end of the year, I’ve forgotten that Bloodborne just came out a few months ago. Its expansion, information on which is promised for this year, could help bolster a holiday season that lacks PS4 exclusives after Uncharted‘s delay. Folks will surely be plenty busy with Metal Gear and Fallout, but Xbox One seems poised for another strong holiday with Halo 5 and one year lead time on Rise of the Tomb Raider.

The point is, there’s another Bloodborne statue you can buy.

If none of that (mostly crappy) Bloodborne merchandise from Sony sated your need to buy things, Japanese toy makers Gecco have done some top notch work on these two Hunter statues. The clean version is out in December while the puddle of blood version comes out in February

The 1/6 scale statues will run you about $300, blood or not.

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