343 Industries reminds people to sign up for ‘upcoming tests’


Hopefully Infinite is a part of 343’s plans

343 Industries had the gargantuan task of taking over Halo from Bungie. It was an unenviable position, and despite a few misses, they’ve done a pretty good job at becoming the new kid on the block. So much so that I don’t even consider them new, given that they’ve been around for roughly 14 years at this point. Just on one series! It’s an interesting cottage industry situation. To that end 343 has blossomed to roughly 750 employees, and is still cranking out Halo games every few years. Now Microsoft has lessened the scope of all of those spinoffs and the like, but still, we have Infinite coming up and the Master Chief Collection is still alive and well on multiple platforms; including Series X/S.

About that. So recently, 343 did a blog post of what’s been happening lately, and although it’s one of the rare few that didn’t contain a massive amount of info on Halo Infinite, it does tell us what to watch out for in the near future. Here’s the rub: “We rely on community participation to help test and flight content prior to release. This can range from MCC Seasons, features, and more. If you’d like to participate, signing up is easy. You can head over to the 343 Halo Insider Program page and register today!” Right now it’s clearly limited to Master Chief Collection (MCC) seasonal changes, but it would behoove you to sign up and be ready for a potential Infinite test rollout. A rollout, mind, that could happen as soon as E3. As a reminder, Microsoft (and Bethesda’s, weird!) conference is being held on June 12.

Does anyone else think Halo Infinite will get a November 2021 release date at E3? I mean it was almost ready to go for the launch of the new consoles!