60% off Dragon Age: Inquisition, Battlefield 4, and Hardline in Origin "Action Sale"


Last hurrah and all that

Origin is clearing out digital inventory (because it takes up so many 1s and 0s) and taking 60% off Dragon Age: Inquisitionalong with Battlefield 4 Premium Edition. If you don’t have either of these games, they’re both now at historic lowest prices for their PC digital versions.

Both are decent games by all standards, even if you loath EA for whatever reason (insert “because X” in comments below). The less popular Battlefield Hardlineis also on discount, but we personally haven’t given it much of a go, so we can’t recommend it easily by comparison.

There are myriad other titles on sale at Origin during this random September sales event (it lasts until next week Friday), but not too many are noteworthy or near their respective historic low prices. So if you don’t see them listed below, they don’t exist, mmkay?

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