$8 million raised for charities using Twitch platform


Extra Life 2013 will take that number even higher

The Twitch community has raised more than $8 million across various causes, and that’s before counting this year’s main gaming charity,Extra Life2013, set to kick off November 2. So far, more than 4,500 Twitch broadcasters have signed up for Extra Life, with double that expected by kick-off.

This year, aside from Extra Life’s cause, the Children’s Miracle Network, Twitch fundraisers have benefittedAmerican Cancer Society, Habitat for Humanity, Doctors Without Borders, and American Red Cross,Speed Demos Archive’sSDA Charity Marathons,AtheneLIVE’sGaming For Good,LoadingReadyRun’s Desert Bus For Hope,AbleGamersandKBMOD, among others.

Twitch tells us that streaming for charity raised just over $1 million in Oct 2012, so it seems that the trend has really taken off!

How great is it that streaming videogames could do this much good?