8Bitdo is making wireless controllers for the SNES Classic


They won’t be ready until December, though

I hope SNES Classic day is treating you well, especially those of you who had to wake up early to even stand a chance of finding a spot in line at a brick-and-mortar store. These systems come with two controllers, thank goodness, but similar to the NES Classic, you may want to look into wireless pads.

8Bitdo made a wireless gamepad for the NES Classic and it’s doing the same for the SNES Classic.

The SN30 2.4G wireless controller and adapter set is $25 on Amazon, with pre-orders open today ahead of a December 10, 2017 ship date. There’s also a Super Famicom counterpart, as you’d expect.

Personally, the standard SNES Classic wired controllers have just enough of a reach to tolerate (they’re an improvement over the NES Classic’s ridiculously short cords), so I’m still leaning toward buying one of 8Bitdo’s Nintendo Switch-compatible Pro controllers instead. They’re just lovely.