A 30 second trailer for the Gravity Rush anime is all I need


It’s so close now!

I must have watched the below teaser around 10 times now. I mean, it’s not even 30 seconds (it’s more like 20), but it shows so much. Mostly centering around Kat and Raven, the Gravity Rush animewill bridge the gap between the first and second games. The Overtureepisode will be included in first-print runs of the upcoming PS4 edition, but my guess is you can probably catch it on YouTube or a streaming service at some point.

As a reminder, a free standalone DLC is also coming in March featuring Raven.I can’t believe that it’s nearly here! It feels like forever since I bought the original on Vita at launch and played it into the night.Gravity Rush 2 will arrive in the US on January 20.