A better look at Heroes of the Storm's Pylon-warping Probius


What an origin story!

If a worker unit can end up becoming a fleshed-out character for Heroes of the Storm, I have to wonder what other weird paths Blizzard might one day take the roster down. Probius, “the bravest of the probes,” has that oddball appeal. But what else do we know about the little fella?

Quite a lot, actually. This spotlight video covers a bunch of ground for the ranged specialist character and is useful even if you’re just planning to play against Probius, not as him. It’s helpful to pore over a list of abilities and traits, but sometimes you’ve just gotta see everything in action to get a feel for how a hero handles and whether or not it meshes with the role you like to take on the team.

Probius checks off my preferred boxes. Ranged? Yes. Burst damage? Yes! The ability to oh-so-satisfyingly warp in Pylons and Photon Cannons? Yes yes yes! All that in an unassuming package.