A collector's nightmare: Capcom is planning to distribute gold Monster Hunter Rise amiibo via lottery



Do you have a complete amiibo collection? Well, you better shift the goal posts of what “complete” means!

As revealed by Capcom on their official Japanese site, there’s going to be a “lottery” soon for a set of gold Monster Hunter amiibo. While the header image here involves “concept molds,” the gist is that winners of an upcoming 7-11 lottery will net these limited-run gold amiibo of the Magnamalo, Palamute, and Palico figures.

So there’s a lot of waiting involved to see if these actually get sent out to a decent amount of people and hit Yahoo Japan’s auction marketplace. To win it, you’ll need to pick up a download card in Japan (seemingly at 7-11) from January 25 through April 11. After that, lottery winners will be chosen.

Gold-tinted amiibo are exactly new though. Capcom already released silver and gold Monster Hunter Storiesamiibo (literally just silver and gold-painted versions of existing figures) several years ago in a similar limited fashion. Capcom also released a much more attainable Gold Mega Man amiibo that was bundled in with copies of a Mega Mancollection.

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