A fighting game tournament with two-second rounds? I'm in


At a Japanese arcade maybe near you

Having been to arcades in Japan, it’s incredible what you can find. Entire floors dedicated to preserving games from 30 years ago is just one wonder, but thriving fighting game competitions were another awesome sight to behold.

Over inTakadanobaba, Tokyo, theMikado game centre has been hosting all sorts of tournaments, from retro games to shiny new titles. But one of the more unique games that has been getting some traction is Galaxy Fight, the Sunsoft-helmed Neo Geo fighter, due to some interesting regulations — two-second matches (the timer is set to :01, but since :00 counts as a tick it’s two seconds in all).

You can see the practice for yourself in the video below. The enthusiastic casters really help make it more exciting, and since matches go so quickly it’s really easy to cycle players in and out.If you’re curious and want to play Galaxy Fight for yourself, it’s currently on PSN and theXbox Marketplace.

Galaxy Fight [YouTube via Kotaku]