A Final Fantasy XIV player re-created the private quarters from Monster Hunter World


I want to live there

As I’ve said in the past,Final Fantasy XIV has some amazing customization options. Between the glamour system that allows for some crazy combinations of outfits to the new Bard song system that facilitates player-created songs, to custom houses, it pretty much allows for any creative outlet you could want.

That latter category is perhaps best shown off through this player-crafted private quarters, done in the style of Monster Hunter World.Reddit user Lensecandy managed to create a pretty wonderful scene using all sorts of in-game items, of which there are hundreds at this point.

If you’re curious about the plants that make up the windowed garden scene, Lensecandy provides a list: Bamboo Flowerpot, Potted Oliphaunt’s Ear, Potted Dragon Tree, Wall Planter, Potted Spider Plant, Planter Partition, Oak Low Barrel Planter, Potted Maguey.

Monster Hunter: World – Private Quarters [Reddit]