A Final Fantasy XIV player was randomly handed 999 eggs to eat, and it became a massive event


The power of the ‘net

It started with a simple tweet: “Logged onto FFXIV and some guy gave me 999 eggs and asked me to eat them. I’m down to 685. On Marlboro [sic] if you want to come watch.”

If you play Final Fantasy XIVand have access to theMalboro server, this was a call to action. Everyone and anyone who’s played XIValready knows the place from the background: Limsa Lominsa (my favorite capital city!). It was only a matter of time (after some RTs) until a crowd started to form.

Amazingly, Twitter user RubberNinja actually chronicled the entire thing, complete with the growing crowd cheering him on while he slowly ate every egg. As a note: you can eat however much food you want in FFXIV (which provides a small temporary buff to your stats), you just won’t benefit from stacking food. This was done purely for the thrill of it. The alleged egg dealer took to Twitter afterward to jokingly apologize for making them do this; later vowing that “Marlboro will become known for our eggs.”

This is partially why people love Final Fantasy XIVso much. People will just tweet “check out my house, it’s at [x]” and folks will come in droves. Producer Yoshi-P and his team smartly have expanded a ton of elements of the game that facilitate these sort of wacky adventures, and over the course of many years, those efforts have paid off.

RubberNinja [Twitter]

I ate 999 eggs. pic.twitter.com/VOmaQlSowG

— Ross O’Donovan (@RubberNinja) August 15, 2020