A fresh look at Bloodstained just in time for Halloween


I’m liking this samurai

It’s all too fitting that we’d get a Bloodstained development update on Halloween.

The team has shared a few tracks as well as a new video depicting a courtyard area and a clash with Zangetsu, a samurai who “resents anyone and anything tainted by demonic power.”

There’s also a tease nestled in the Kickstarter update: the developers say they “know how eagerly you’ve been awaiting another demo.” Nothing is being announced “yet,” but “there are lots of big surprises coming soon, and we can’t wait to… well, surprise you with them.”

For my part, I’m mostly focused on Miriam’s movement, and from that perspective, I like what I’m seeing here. There’s room to nitpick the footage, sure, but that’s par for the course for crowdfunded games that provide updates with any sort of regularity. Bloodstained is due out next year.

Development Update – New Music, New Video, And Coming Attractions [Kickstarter]