A game about gnomes and Armageddon, and I really hope it's 1998's Armageddon


It’s Gnomageddon

Today’s example of vague-yet-still-obvious news, Sony’s filed a trademark for a game titled Gnomageddon. We know nothing else about it, but the name kind of says it all, right? There will be gnomes, and there will be some sort of Armageddon-like circumstances.

If all goes according to (my) plan, this will be a proper follow-up to 1998’s Bruce Willis space rock movie (which is nothing like Weezer’s space rock Songs from the Black Hole). Maybe it’ll run concurrent to the film’s events and the gnomes will be the ones who put everything in motion for earth to be saved. Maybe a decade later they’ll torment Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler by coming to life at night and raising hell.

The point is that anything can happen here. Anything. And, pop culture’s full of outstanding uses of gnomes, so the sky’s the limit. We’ll have something special if this can rival the likes of South Park‘s Underpants Gnomes, Goosebumps‘“Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes,” or that one episode of King of the Hillwhere Peggy gets a garden gnome named “Winklebottom” and Hank hates it.

Gnomageddon[USPTO via Gematsu]