A Monster Hunter Rise Universal Studios collab with free stuff? Sure I'll take it


Most of the crossovers so far have been within Capcom

Capcom has steadily been pumping out various collabs for Rise. So why not a Monster Hunter Rise Universal Studios collab at this point?

You have Mega Man, Sonic, Street Fighter…you know, Universal Studios Japan? It fits right in.

Here’s what the Monster Hunter Rise Universal event includes as event quest rewards:

  • Azure Age Set Hunter Armor
  • The Azure Star Blade I Hunter Weapon
  • The Azure Era Wyrmbow I
  • The Azure Era Set & C Azure Era Wyrmblade Canyne Armor
  • The Azure Era Set & F Azure Era Fan Felyne armor
  • A downloadable Palico (blue)
  • USJ Event Quest I – Arzuros Onslaught
  • USJ Event Quest II – Shrine Showdown

So, it’s a lot! The items and quests will go live on January 21. The breakdown is a new armor set (for both your hunter and your companions), as well as two new weapons, and two event quests.

Japan has been getting a ton of cool Universal Studios and Disney park crossovers lately, including a recent Hunter x Hunter promo; on top of a ride for Demon Slayer in the past year. Oh, and don’t forget Super Nintendo World. While it’s going to be a while until I go to a theme park in Japan, whenever I do return, I hope something cool is going on.