A movie theater screening of PT sounds like one hell of a scary time


The silver scream

This can’t be said definitively, but it can be said with a reasonable degree of confidence: In a week and a half, PTwill be played in front of its largest audience and on the biggest screen it has ever been shown on. (Twitch and YouTube audiences don’t count for this purpose because the rules are mine and they’re also kind of arbitrary.)

On Sunday August 12, Loading Bars will be screening PTon a movie theater screen at the Rio Cinema in London. The hosts will play the game in full and also try to dissect exactly what actions trigger the ending. According to the Eventbrite page, Loading Bars hopes for a film festival-type vibe.

There’s also a£5 entry fee, but that’s apparently for a drink ticket and not to view PT. Maybe that’s enough legal maneuvering to keep Konami at bay.

It’s interesting that PTlends itself to unique events like this simply because people want to experience it any way they can. If it were still available to download, there wouldn’t be this ravenous appetite from some folks. It’d still be a cult classic but not in the same way. Silver linings, I guess — and this one takes place on the silver screen.

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