A new Nioh 2 update fixes a ton of bugs, and adds quality of life changes


Mmhmm yes, yes

You know how annoying it is when developers release major patches for games and kind of just go silent? That’s not what Team Ninja is doing and I appreciate the hell out of it.

Nioh 2‘s version 1.05 patch is now live for the only version of the game (PS4), and they gave us full patch notes on Twitter to comb through. The main highlights beyond a ton of bug fixes include quicker proficiency gains when you’re using a weapon that’s lower than your lowest proficiency weapon (encouraging playstyle variety is a good thing, instead of getting stuck in one ecosystem), and some dojo missions require less proficiency. Good quality of life changes all-around there.

Enemies have also been altered (Gaki have lowered health and attack damage, Acolytes have buffed health, Yoki and Enki have lowered attack power), the recommended levels have been altered to be more accurate (this is something I was comically talking to Jordan about last week), and a few other inside baseball changes. I wrote those out manually from the patchnotes below.

Frankly, this game came at the perfect time. It’s a wonderful adventure that you can just get completely lost in for days on end.

Team Ninja [Twitter]

Nioh 2 version 1.05 Update adjustments:

  • The player will now gain “Proficiency” faster when using a weapon that is not as high in Proficiency as their highest proficiency leveled weapon.
  • Some of the Dojo missions now require less Proficiency.
  • Lowered the health of Gaki and the power of some of their attacks.
  • Lowered the strength of a few overpowered attack[s] used by the following enemies: Yoki/Enki.
  • Buffed the HP of Acolytes
  • Adjuted the recommended levels of some missions to more adequately reflect their perceieved difficulty.
  • When Gyuki charges into the floodgate the horn will stab into it, and Gyuki’s jumping attacks will no longer break the floodgate.
  • Adjusted the defensive strength and the amount of health of Shimotsuma Rairen in “Pervading Waters.”
  • Improved the homing for the hatchet skill “Arise.”
  • Reduced the wisdom requirement needed to release the Shiftling skill “Murderous Strike.”
  • Made upward adjustment[s] to Guardian Spirit Hiyokucho’s blessing “Medicine Burst,” so that it would also affect Acolytes. The range of the blessing is now capped from infinite range to seven meters.
  • Extended the distance at which Mujina can recognize gestures.