A Plague Tale: Innocence launches today with forlorn trailer


It ain’t Roland

Today sees the release of Focus Home Entertainment’s miserable-looking tale of love and loss among The Black Death. A Plague Tale: Innocence is the story of two young siblings forced to fight for survival in 14th century France.

With disease-riddled vermin running the streets, and the terrifying force of The Inquisition in full effect, Amica and Hugo must use their wiles, cunning and small stature to escape the city, aided by the few kind citizens they might encounter along the way. A Plague Tale blends stealth gameplay and puzzles elements with a dramatic story and an oppressive atmosphere in hopes to create a grim-but-gripping adventure.

I’m definitely going to be checking this release out, but tentatively. While I think the look, setting and story of the game are really unique and intriguing, I’m pretty much over tired stealth and crafting mechanics. If the former can outdo the latter, then A Plague Tale could prove to be one of the year’s sleeper hits.

A Plague Tale: Innocence launches today on PS4, PC and Xbox One.