It's time to grab A Plague Tale and Minit for free on PC, and both are worth playing


Swoop in, claim them on the Epic Store, and go about the rest of your Thursday routine

From August 5–12, you can snatch up a free copy of A Plague Tale: Innocence and Minit from the Epic Games Store. Hey, wait a minute… That’s now! Yep, you’ve stumbled into another go-get-that-free-stuff PSA. These two games come highly recommended.

In particular, A Plague Tale: Innocence has that “you know it’s good but you’re still procrastinating” energy, which is ideal for a free-to-keep giveaway. And I’d say that goes double now that we know a sequel, A Plague Tale: Requiem, is due in 2022. You don’t need to catch up with these rats yet, but at some point, future-you will be grateful you did.

Admittedly, Minit has been through the free-game circuit before. (We were supposed to get Speed Brawl this week until a last-minute switcheroo.) It’s worth it if you are okay with time loops in your video games — it’s a short enough adventure that repetition never grates too much — and if you’re partial to 2D Zelda and its impact on indies, even better.

Next week, from August 12–19, the Epic Games Store will offer up Rebel Galaxy, a space-western game that’s cool but can’t quite live up to its grand ambitions.