A shoutout to Monita, Nintendo's forgotten mascot


Nintendo Land will live forever

After getting off the plane on the way home from BlizzCon, one thought was in my mind when I heard the robotic voice that’s part of the shuttle from terminal to terminal — “Monita.” Indeed, the AI at my airport sounds like an uncanny replica of the Nintendo Landhost, and my wife and I laugh every time we hear it.

For all 10 of us that owned a Wii U, we probably don’t have a united front when it comes to this monotone tutorial bot. Sure she could drone on and on about basic remedial info, but she was doing it because she was grateful that we saved her from a lifetime of captivity in a question mark block. Also, her alter egos Dark Monita and Princess Monita, some would say the best versions of Monita, were adorable.

She lives on in a Super Smash Bros. trophy and some YouTube Let’s Play videos. And in my heart.