A Versus mode is coming to Killing Floor 2 where you can play as the Zeds


Plus, all sharpshooter weapons revealed

During PC Gamer’s Weekender event, Tripwire Interactive president John Gibson revealed some of the developer’s upcoming plans for Killing Floor 2. The biggest addition is a humans versus Zeds PVP mode, where you can play as the various specimens and try to kill Horzine mercenaries.

Each Zed has their own set of abilities: crawlers can leap around all willy-nilly, slashers can jump twenty feet in the air, Stalkers are invisible as long as they aren’t sprinting, and Clots can rally fellow specimens to give them a temporary buff. Both Hans and the Patriarch will be playable as well. I was at Tripwire’s studio a few weeks ago and had a chance to check out the mode, but can’t talk about it just yet. Soon, though!

Gibson also revealed the remaining Sharpshooter weapons that will arrive in the next big update. In addition to the lever action rifle and crossbow, those inclined to kill from a long range will have the M14EBR from the first game and a new Horzine Tech Railgun for their fourth tier weapon. We’ve still only seen the render of the lever action rifle, so I’m hoping to see what the other weapons look like in their finished state soon.

Two of the winning maps from Tripwire’s mapping contest(Hostile Grounds and Containment Station) will be officially added to the game soon. Hostile Grounds plays like a standard Killing Floor 2map: players will fight waves of Zeds until the boss comes out. Containment Station is an objective map where you have to defend points and find hidden objectives. This will be the first map with objectives since the original Killing Floor, so it should shake things up nicely.

There’s no word on when the next update will be released. In addition to trying the Versus mode and Sharpshooter weapons while in the studio, Destructoid also captured a video interview with various members of Tripwire, so look forward to that soon.