A whole lot more Overwatch is getting injected into Heroes of the Storm


I’m game for every hero getting ported

So, I know this announcement is going to be divisive, but Heroes of the Storm is getting a lot more Overwatch crossovers. I know I know! Some of you are sick of the Overwatch craze being prioritized over other more iconic heroes (where is Mal’Ganis), but I personally feel like Overwatch has carved its name into the gaming history tablets at this point — it’s earned its place in Heroes, and I would be fine if every character crossed over

Okay, so with that disclaimer out of the way, here’s the stuff that’s coming: Ana, Junkrat, a new battleground framed around Volskaya Industries, and a Pachimari (that cute little mascot) quest. The battleground will feature a two-person mech that operates similarly to Cho’gall, and the quest involves a little pre-match minigame that provides minor rewards like portraits and emojis.

So yeah, either way you slice it, Heroesis still being supported, and in a big way with this event. Stay tuned for more info on the new characters in the near future.