A Zelda: Majora's Mask replica is for sale, but you can't wear it


Out in the fourth quarter of this year

The mask from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is actually iconic. Not “Aiden Pearce’s hat” iconic (I will never let that go), but actual iconic. Even now, those Nintendo 64 visuals combined with that damn mask still haunt souls all across the world. Now you can put it in your house and freak everyone out.

From First 4 Figures, this new mask statue is available for pre-order for a fourth quarter 2020 release for $99.99 (for the exclusive edition). It’s a “PVC painted collectible” with two LED modes (static and pulsing eyes), along with an authentication card and a leaflet. Measuring at 12 inches, it’s a hefty size.

As far as First 4 Figures go, this is on the cheaper side, as some of their pieces range in the $200-$400 sliding scale: a list that includes the (now sold out) 25-inch resin Majora’s Mask for $385. I avoid mass-collecting statues for this reason! That, and space.

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