According to Google's massive poll, Greninja is the number one all-time rated Pokemon


Second place is Lucario

In case you missed it, Google held a “Pokemon of the Year [2020]” poll recently, and allowed everyone to vote on their favorite creatures. The results are in! And for the most part, will not shock you.

Coming in fifth is Umbreon (of course an Evee-lution made it in) with 67062 votes. The enduring Charizard is fourth with 93968, a substantial increase over Umbreon. Recent favorite Mimikyu is unsurprisingly high-up in third with 99077 votes. Lucario is second with 102259 votes, cementing his place in Smash Bros.along with Charizard. And…drumroll…taking the number one spot is Greninja, with a whopping 140559 votes: who is alsoin Smash Bros. Remember when ninjas were in everythingin the ’90s? Well they still rule the roost, apparently.

If you’re interested, you can delve further into the poll here and discover top-voted Pokemon in each fictional region, from Kanto to Galar. Also, the full top 10 can be found below, with Garchomp, Rayquaza, Gardevoir and Gengar taking the sixth through tenth spots respectively.

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