Ace Combat community raise over $6,000 for aviation charity


Mighty Wings

Fans of the Bandai Namco’s dog-fighting series Ace Combat have succeeded in raising over $6,000 for charity, following an unofficial raffle which was held in the game’s Reddit. Fans donated $10 a time to earn the opportunity to win Ace Combat merchandise, with the grand prize being a Thrustmaster T-Flight headset and a copy of Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown signed by series producer Kazutoki Kono.

Once the raffle ended, $6,436 USD had been raised in total. This money was then donated to Wings of Hope, a non-profit organisation that delivers resources and medical aid by flight to wherever it may be need. The charity also supports education, food and welfare programs in countries such as India, Ecuador, Cambodia and Paraguay, among others.

Kono himself tweeted out praise for the community for their efforts “What an amazing thing,” Kono said. “I can’t even put it into words. Saying ‘our fans are amazing’ isn’t me being arrogant. They are just simply great people”.

And he’s right. Awesome work, everyone.

You can find out more about Wings of Hope over at their official website.

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