Action-plaftormer Cursed Castilla heading to Vita next month


It’s a must-play for Ghouls ‘n Ghosts fans

Locomalito’s brilliant arcade-style 2D action game Cursed Castilla is making its way to PlayStation Vita soon. It’s not every day we get to talk about the system, much less in a positive light.

The digital edition will be out November 9 for $11.99, and there will also be a physical limited edition for $35 available only through Play-Asia, with pre-orders opening November 1. The latter includes:

  • A physical copy of the game (region-free)
  • A full-color instruction booklet (20 pages)
  • An official soundtrack CD (56 tracks / 70 minutes)
  • A ‘Making of’ photo book by Locomalito and Gryzor87 (32 pages)
  • A numbered collector’s certificate
  • A collector’s box (with a beautifully embossed logo)

Here’s what Cursed Castilla is all about, in case you’re unfamiliar.

In the mean time, you can take Jonathan’s “Should you get it?” quiz for the 3DS version. It’s exactly as he says, though: if you are in any way a fan of Ghouls ‘n Ghosts, you’re destined to love this game.

For that matter, the original version, Maldita Castilla, is still a freeware release on PC.