Action-RPG The Surge really wants you to lop off limbs


That loot isn’t going to collect itself

Deck13 has garnered interest from Dark Souls fans, myself included, with The Surge. It’s an action-RPG with a near-future-Earth twist that has you dodging, whittling away at your enemies, and striking with a finishing move to slice off specifically-targeted limbs to earn pieces for your exosuit.

Given its focus on those finishing moves above all else, this trailer perhaps isn’t the best introduction to the game — for that, I’d recommend this much more in-depth developer-narrated gameplay video — but I liked seeing some of the armor possibilities in the montage toward the end.

There’s a potentially cool game in here, I think. I’ll need more convincing, but with the PC, PS4, and Xbox One launch not happening until May 16, there’s still plenty of time for that.