Admire the world killing itself in DEFCON VR



Spectating a multi-player match can be a lot of fun. Sometimes you pick up on new skills and other times you just need to take a break and watch others crack under pressure. It can fulfill multiple needs, but it does lack something. I guess that something is a room-scale war room, since Introversion Software has just released DEFCON VR to simulate just such a sensation.

With DEFCON VR, you spectate matches going on in the regular DEFCON game from the comfort of your armchair and VR headset of choice. To be clear, there is no real gameplay in this free download, just a neat way to spectate. It does feature multi-player support in the form of other people occupying your war room, which is also kind of fun.

If you need anymore convincing, here is a 13-minute video of Introversion joking around in its creation.

Watch the world end in Defcon VR’s virtual war room [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]